Composite Shake for Shingled Roofs

Cedar Shake AlternativeThe beauty of shake has been appreciated for hundreds of years, but natural wooden materials became a lot less popular once asphalt shingles were developed. While they don't look as rustic and striking as shake, they were a lot more resistant to fire than any wooden roofing tiles. Since they also cost less, roofs with shake became the exception in many parts of the nation. However, that might change once more people realize that beauty doesn't need to be sacrificed for a high fire rating.

Our shake products have the same Class A fire rating as all of our roofing products, and are designed with beauty in mind. Using advanced polymers makes it possible to develop tiles that are a lot more resistant to fire than real wooden shake while looking just like them. The Single-Width Valoré Shake is available in enough color blends to beautify the roof of any home while still looking as if it was hand split from real cedar logs. For a slightly more rustic look, check out the Multi-Width DaVinci Shake. The different widths make for such a realistic appearance that most people will probably just assume that your home is tiled with authentic, hand-split cedar. The same goes for the exquisite beauty of our Fancy Shake. And the newest member of our shake family of products, Bellaforté Shake, comes in multiple profiles with snap fit tabs for easy installation and self alignment.

Do you have a roof with DaVinci shake? Send us pictures and we will share them on the blog!

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