Concerned about Energy Costs? Check out our Cool Roof Colors!

Cool Roof CouncilIn today's world the cooling or heating of any building can be really hard on our wallets. Many people find themselves searching for solutions to help them save money, and often reduce their carbon footprint. There are many different types of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems available, but those are often expensive and don't always solve the problem.

DaVinci Roofscapes has a more feasible solution. Consider installing one of our light weight roofing systems in one of our Cool Roof colors which have been specifically designed to help keep your home and office building cool.

Our polymer roofing material does not only add a captivating look to your building, but also helps cut energy costs related to cooling. Our eco friendly roof tiles have been given a high rating by the renowned Cool Roof Rating Council and are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Our roofs come in a wide spectrum of shades and color blends including light, medium, dark, and other tones .

The CRRC qualified colors include:

ŸŸ    -  EcoBlend Weathered Gray (in Medium, Medium Light, Medium Dark, Light and Dark)

    -  EcoBlend Gray (in Dark, Light and Medium)

These EcoBlend colored tiles do not absorb light and instead reflect it, thereby restricting extra heat from entering your home. Therefore, they can save up to 7 to 15 percent off your regular cooling costs. Also, they help to reduce your carbon footprint.

To learn more about how our amazing range of cool roofs can help you in cutting energy costs, contact us at 1-800-328-4624.

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