Consider Brick and Roof Combinations to Complement Surroundings

When constructing a new home or office building, proper consideration must be given to the brick and roof combinations used on the exterior. Curb appeal is most important to the elegance and charm of any building. In the case of commercial construction, the exterior materials set the stage for a company’s first impression with clients. For residential use, homeowners want visiting guests to appreciate the time and effort put into constructing a home and how it positively reflects on the neighborhood and community surrounding it.

Combining the color and style of brick homes with our environmentally friendly roof tiles can be a whole adventure in classic, timeless design or more modern, contemporary appeal. Our post “How to Choose a Roof Color for a Brick Home” details various brick color selections and our complementing lightweight roofing materials that enhance both the brick itself as well as the entire home’s exterior.

For fresh ideas on selecting roof colors, take a peek at our July 13th post “Think FRESH When Selecting Roof Colors.” Our color expert, Kate Smith, helps define all the elements needed to choose just the right color combinations and materials to work with the region of the country, the building’s style and natural environment.
Design Your Custom Roof with the DaVinci Color Studio

To see all of the available colors and shade combinations for our slate and cedar shake alternative roofing tiles, visit our Color Studio. You’ll find all the tools you need to bring your colorful roof vision to life.

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