Considering DaVinci? Check Out Our Customer Stories!

We talk a lot about how durable and beautiful our composite roofing materials are but what do other Slate Alternativepeople say about our products? The easiest way to hear what our customers have to say about their DaVinci roof is by reading their testimonials. We love to hear back from our customers and are happy to post pictures of their DaVinci roofs on our blog, and our various social media networks (look on the sidebar for links to all our social media networks). For us, it let's us know if our products are keeping clients happy by living up to expectations. For anyone thinking of using our beautiful, realistic fake shake or slate, testimonials are a great way to hear opinions from the people most qualified to give them, our customers.

Robert Kerley of Dallas, Texas talks about the huge hail that pelted his Bellaforté roof. Although his VW Beetle was sadly damaged, he was pleased to see that nothing happened to the roof. His testimonial is a true life example of the importance of using high-impact rated roof tiles.

Mark and Theresa Clement also give a testimonial about how their DaVinci roof fared with extreme weather. Despite being subjected to blizzards, high winds, and hot weather, they say that the roof looks just like it did when they had it installed.

Read through the testimonials to see what else our customers have to say about their DaVinci roofs. If you already have a DaVinci roof, please leave your own testimonial!

To learn more about the many benefits of a DaVinci roof, email or call 1-800-328-4624 today.

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