Considering the Cost of DaVinci Roofscapes

When choosing your DaVinci lightweight roofing tiles, it is important to keep several factors regarding costs in mind to stay within your roofing budget. How you manage your selections will determine what your eventual outlay for a new or replacement roof will be overall.

Roof Tile Choice
Considering the Cost of DaVinci RoofscapesBecause we have six different products to choose from, the price varies depending on the specific tile line you choose. Your roofing choices include: Single-Width Valoré or Multi-Width DaVinci tiles in simulated shake or slate, the Bellaforté slate alternative tiles or our Fancy Shake roofing tiles.

Straight or Staggered Coursing

Another factor that affect the cost of your new roof is whether you choose a straight or staggered coursing. The more materials required for laying the roof, the more that the roof will actually cost overall.

Roof Pitch

The steepness of the roof will also determine how many tiles are needed for the roofing project. The steeper the pitch of your roof, the less potential for material needed to cover the surface area. Finding the amount of roofing squares or 100 square feet of roof needing tiles will help you stay within budget and adjust allocation for materials as needed.  You can always get quotes from three roofers in your area to figure out an idea of how many squares you have on your roof.

Special Features & Labor
Labor costs are a large part of any roofing budget and will vary depending on the region. You need to make sure that you have an experienced and reliable roofing contractor working on your project. Prices for new roofing installations or replacing an existing roof can also be different because an older roof must be removed before laying the new one.  If your roof has valleys or turrets, then it will be more time consuming to roof (because of all the extra cutting) and you need to consider adding to your budget to allow for additional labor costs.

Roof tile choice, coursing, pitch and labor are just a few of the many specific items to consider when having a roof installed and determining final costs. For additional information about our tile roofs or to find a contractor near you, contact our knowledgeable professionals.

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