Contractors and Clients Love Our Simulated Slate Roofing

Simulated slate roofing can be a cost effective alternative to natural slate for rooftops. Besides being made of virgin resins, our roofing tiles are rated highest in testing for fire, wind and impact exposure. Their beauty is unquestionable as anyone who has seen it readily remarks that from the street view, it is hard to tell the difference between our roofing tiles and a real slate roof.

While our website provides all the information about technical specifications, testing performance, styles and colors you need, we also think the opinion of our clients and contractors does a good job of explaining what you can expect from installing a DaVinci roof on your home or office building.

Here's a video testimonial from Gregg & Liz Wallick. Gregg is CEO of Best Roofing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and he and his wife discuss why they chose DaVinci lightweight roofing systems over any other product for their personal home.

This next video is an interview with Joe Henderson from TICE Enterprises in Dallas, Texas. He discusses why our synthetic slate cost is more affordable than natural slate and will probably be the last roof a building will ever need.

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