Custom Tile Roofs Keep Up with Changing HOA Guidelines in Your Neighborhood

Lightweight Roofing SystemsLiving in a neighborhood governed by a Homeowner's Association has its ups and downs. Neighborhoods with an HOA can see homeowners benefit from higher property values and neater, quieter neighborhoods, and they can keep neighbors from making outrageous changes to the exterior of their houses. Usually any changes made to a home need to fall within guidelines set up by the HOA and, although that can limit creativity, most people living in such situations don't mind giving up a bright orange roof for higher property values.

HOA guidelines vary by neighborhood so you may need to get their approval to make modifications to your home. Some items that may be affected by the HOA guidelines include roof (color and material), paint colors, and even putting in a swimming pool. If you are considering a polymer slate or shake roof and have an HOA, DaVinci products are offered in 49 standard colors, and we have the ability to create a custom color should you prefer to create your own look. As always, please check with your HOA before moving forward with a DaVinci Roof - we are always happy to send samples if you need to present the roof in an HOA meeting.

Visit our the DaVinci color studio to view all of our standard colors and blends and feel free to get creative and design your own color combination blends.

To learn more about how our custom tiles can protect your home, contact DaVinci Roofscapes by email or calling 1-800-328-4624 today.

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