Customize Your Roof

It’s your roof we are talking about. And it’s only fair that you get to choose what crowns your house. Most other roofing options restrict your choice of color, roofing material and size. Not us! DaVinci Roofscapes understands that each roof is different and should be personalized.

As owner of the house/commercial establishment, you are the decision maker. So, we hand over the choice to you. Head over to our Color Designer tool and let your creative side take over.

You get to choose whether you want slates or shakes and of course the colors you want. Try the various combinations and you will hit the right one sooner or later. Customizing the blend of polymer roofing tiles you wish to receive will not cost you extra as long as you are using the standard colors available on the site. 

Before you move to the color designer tool, note that the colors you see might be slightly different from the actual colors as different browsers and screens have different specifications. If you are sure you want a custom color blend, we’d suggest you use the designer tool as the first part of your selection and obtain the tiles in the color you’ve chosen to make an accurate decision.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. If you already have a designer roof, courtesy of DaVinci, do share your experience with our readers below.

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