Cutting DaVinci Slate

DaVinci Slate coursings on the gable end - not cutIf you are considering going with our manufactured slate tile, then you may also be wondering how do you cut it.

It's a logical inquiry, especially if your roof happens to have a lot of roof projections where inevitably the tiles will need to be cut. 

But more than likely even if your roof does not have projections, but rather has a lot angles, which cause valleys, then you will also need to cut some of the field tiles that come to the job site.

DaVinci Slate can easily be cut with a utility knife or a straight edge.  Of course, you are also welcome to use a circular saw to cut our DaVinci slate alternative.

When approaching a gable end of a roofing field course, you want to avoid cutting the slates.  Of course, this can usually be avoided by choosing from the 5 different slate sizes and spacing between the slates.  In the rare scenario where cutting is required, we recommend cutting the slates so that the factory edge faces out on the gable end.  In other words, cut the inside edge and not the outside edge.

Be sure to consult our installation guide for more suggestions on cutting the slates with different roof projections.

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