DaVinci all over the World

When it comes to topping the roofs of homes, businesses and museums, our eco friendly roof really gets around…the world, that is. While our shake and slate alternative tiles are made right here in the United States and top plenty of homes, historic buildings and government structures all over the country, you might encounter them in places quite unexpected while traveling. 

Here are a few places that our designer roof tiles have journeyed to over the years:

Pago Pago
eco friendly roof
The capital of American Samoa is no stranger to inclement weather and natural disasters. From earthquakes to tsunamis, this island country experiences everything Mother Nature can dish out. Our New Cedar simulated shake roofing tiles journeyed to this island to cover the Governor H. Rex Lee Auditorium, a historically significant building that serves the community through social, political, cultural and educational events. It has also been nominated as a historical landmark as well.

Simulated Shake Roofing in the Bahamas
Our roofing tiles in Weathered Gray also made the voyage across the sea to beautifully sunny Bahamas. With their intense thunderstorms and hurricane activity, the tiles will be perfectly at home on this building. Considering our roof tiles are rated for wind up to 110 miles per hour and also have high ratings for impact resistance, this building is ready for anything that blows its way.

British Columbia
Lightweight Roofing Materisl
To our northern neighbor, our Tahoe Blend colored tiles found their way to the roof top of this Swiss chalet home in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The Vancouver suburb is known for its mild, temperate climate and has one of the longest growing seasons and frost free periods in Canada. We think the roof blends nicely with the scenic countryside of what some have nicknamed the horse capital of Canada.

So there you have it, our DaVinci tiles are making their way across the globe to cover homes with their 50 year warranty and protective fire, wind and impact resistance. Find out more about adding our tiles to your roof by contacting us by phone or online.

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