DaVinci Bellaforte Shake on The Daily Buzz

Where can you learn about different ways to protect your home from being damaged by storms? We try to provide some useful information along those lines in our blog but you can also get accurate, helpful information from the Daily Buzz morning show. Recently on one of their shows, Daily Buzz's tech guy Dr. Frank, talked about our Bellaforté shake and slate as a material that can help shield a home from damage during stormy weather. 

People usually don't think about the various ways that storms can damage or even destroy a home. Winds strong enough to tear up a roof are what usually come to mind, but it was nice to see Dr. Frank bringing up another point that gets overlooked far too often. When he talked about the class 4 impact rating of our Bellaforté tiles (and showed a video of the impact test), instead of mentioning hail, he talked about the much more dangerous possibility of a piece of lumber becoming dislodged from a neighbor's house and penetrating the roof. Yeah, that's a scary thought alright and something that would seriously weaken a home's ability to stand up to stormy weather.

Do you have a roof with Bellaforté tiles? Send pictures and we will share them on our blog!

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