DaVinci Composite Shake vs. Cedar Shake in a Fire Test

A fire in a house or business is one of the most frightening things that anyone can ever face. Since a few small flames can turn into a major, tragic fire in a matter of minutes, building fire codes are one of most basic, most important factors that are taken into consideration during construction of a new home or office. A big part of preventing fires comes from using non-flammable and fire-resistant materials - that's where our products come into play.

One of the advantages of shake made from polymer resins (as opposed to the actual wooden variety) is that it can be engineered to be highly resistant to fire. We did just that, and our efforts paid off in creating tiles that have earned a Class A fire-rating. To get that high rating, our products have to stand up to testing where they can withstand severe exposure to fire originating from sources outside the structure. The tests are done with a flaming brand placed right on the tiles that is then allowed to burn until it goes out or burns through the roof. Watch the video to see how our materials compare to wooden shake being subjected to the exact same test!

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Name: Trisha Due
Time: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

That's pretty nuts, would make me a little less worried on 4th of july

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