DaVinci EcoBlend™ Reflect Sunlight and More!

DaVinci EcoBlend™ Reflect Sunlight and More!With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, the need for green roof systems is on the rise.  Builders and homeowners that are wanting the look of slate and shake, are looking for eco-friendly slate and shake alternatives. 

The ironic thing, is that we've been doing it all along with our green roofing materials, but now we have gone a step further and created cool roof color blends as a green roofing option.  DaVinci EcoBlend™ tiles reflect sunlight and heat away from your home or building.

DaVinci created two EcoBlends that have been rated by the Cool Roofing Council.  If you have higher emissivity and reflectivity rates then in turn you have a reduction in the cooling load and, therefore, an increase in energy efficiency. Less air pollution contributes to the reduction of heat islands around cities and populous areas. 

By meeting the initial qualifications for a cool roof, we have already met or exceeded the primary ENERGY STAR® program requirements for 25 percent solar reflectivity and should receive ENERGY STAR® approval once the mandatory 3-year testing period has ended.

Are you interested in learning more about DaVinci and our green roofing materials?  Please do not hesitate to call us toll free at 1-800-328-4624 or at 913-599-0766 with any questions you have.  You are also welcome to contact our sales representatives via e-mail or read more about our green roofing options online.

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