DaVinci Fancy Shake – Cedar Shake Alternative

DaVinci Fancy Shake is for those of you who love the look of cedar roofs, but do not appreciate the amount of maintenance they involve. Fancy Shake tiles have authentic cedar shades, thus managing to look as if your fake shake alternative roof is adorned with natural machine sawn cedar.

Fancy ShakeMade of 100 per cent pure virgin resins, our Fancy Shake epitomize the features that DaVinci green roof systems stand for. Sustainable and eco-friendly tiles, they are available in three blends. If you have something in mind beyond what we have on board, you can get in touch with us to discuss a custom color for your composite shake roof.

Available as multi-width tiles, they come sorted and ready to install on the site of installation, thus making the job of your roofer very easy. These shakes are an investment and in the long run, turn out to be much cheaper than a natural wood shake roof, not to mention more eco-friendly too.

Roofing products are often plagued by freeze-thaw issues arising due to water absorption. This isn’t the case with DaVinci Fancy Shake because it is non-porous. Other maintenance issues that tend to crop up with natural roofing, including growth of fungus and algae, curling, fading and cracking are eliminated in these cedar shingle alternatives.

Fancy Shake tiles sport the 50 year warranty and wind, fire and impact resistance that all our other products feature too. Are you interested in DaVinci Fancy Shake? Get in touch with us. If you’ve already installed DaVinci Fancy Shake on your roof, please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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