DaVinci Faux Slate Roofing a Favorite for Historic Restoration Projects

Historic Restoration Lightweight Roofing SolutionsPreserving history by renovating historic structures means more than just adding a new coat of paint or planting new flowers in front of the building. Restoring older homes, museums and government buildings links us to past generations and enables us to look forward to a future deeply aware of our connection to our historical origins.

Typically, historically significant structures need extensive work to restore framing, foundation and roofing. When it comes to restoring roofs on 100 year old or more buildings, DaVinci lightweight roofing solutions is on the cutting edge of providing not only a 50 year roof to last for many more years to come but also offers sustainable roofing that protects these buildings with the highest rating of fire, wind and impact available on the market today.

To see why our faux slate roofing is such a favorite for many historic restoration projects, find links below to our past posts detailing how our roofing materials beautifully top older homes, museums and schools throughout the country.

Historic DuSable Museum Gets New Polymer Roof – featured in two parts, this 1893 Chicago museum chose our Castle Gray multi-width slate to authentically replace the natural slate of the original roof.

DaVinci Slate Roof Returns Historic Building to Original Beauty – Mount St. Mary College in Newburgh, New York needed a new roof with durability and protection from the elements. DaVinci slate replaced the original wood shakes and asbestos shingle that covered it from a previous re-roofing project.

Historic Texas Home Gets Slate Roof – Homeowners in Dallas, Texas chose our slate tiles to replace their wood shake and asphalt shingles to preserve the looks and historical accuracy of their 1914 Arts and Crafts style home.

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