DaVinci Honors Dave Brunssen

Dave BrunssenOn September 16, 2010, DaVinci Roofscapes lost a great friend and a loyal DaVinci Employee, Dave Brunssen.  Dave was the warehouse manager at our facility in Kansas City, KS.

In honor of Dave, a few DaVinci Employees have shared their favorite DaVinci memories of him:

Bryan Ward, VP of Operations shared, "Dave’s nicknames at work were Detail Dave and Depend on Dave – he was that kind of guy.  His favorite band was the Rolling Stones."

Megan Stone, Marketing Program Manager, said, "Dave loved Survivor, it was his favorite show. Every Friday morning Dave was in my office talking about the show and dissecting how stupid the people on the show were!"

Sharon Underwood, HR Administrator, shared, “Detail Dave!”  This moniker suited Dave to  a “T.”  Everything he did was in an orderly, logical detailed fashion.  Dave was meticulous in every aspect of his daily DaVinci operation.  He loved what he did!  And, I think his very favorite time was Inventory Day!  Dave’s daughter Stacy inherited this same trait and is known as “Little Dave.” 

Tim Toland, Production Manager, reflected,
"What does immediately surface is the example that Dave set from one man to another man. Sharing an office with someone for 8 hours a day through 6 years, certain characteristics unveil themselves. Dave’s observant actions always spoke louder than his soft words.
From a younger co-worker, I observed Dave’s integrity for his company, DaVinci Roofscapes.
From a younger son, I observed Dave’s honoring of his parents, Alvin and Marjory.
From a younger sibling, I observed Dave’s compassion for his siblings, Debra and Douglas.
From a younger husband, I observed Dave’s love for his wife, Marsha.
From a younger father, I observed Dave’s guidance for his daughter, Stacy.
Dave was an asset to DaVinci's team and we will miss him dearly.

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