DaVinci Products Ace ASTM Tests

ASTM or the American Society for Testing and Materials is a globally recognized organization ASTMfor its stringent testing methods. If you've purchased DaVinci polymer roofing products or are planning to, it might please you to know that our products have been tested by ASTM standards and have proved to be at the top of the crop as far as resistance to wind and fire are concerned.

DaVinci roof covering has been tested for fire resistance by ASTM E108 standards, which analyzes the surface spread of the flame and the resistance power exhibited by the roofing material to prevent penetration of the fire from the exterior to the underside of the deck.

Fires are rarely restricted to the point of origin. They tend to spread by means of flying shards of burning material. The test, therefore, also analyzes the roofs ability to remain intact without forming flying brands when set on fire. DaVinci has been awarded a Class A grading by ASTM for fire resistance, which is the highest grading possible.  Check out this YouTube video that shows the burning brand test:


ASTM D 3161 standards analyze resistance shown by shingles to sustained winds at specified wind velocities for two hours.  In cases of severe storms, when the wind intensity is very high, your roof shingles cannot protect you and other inhabitants of your house, unless it stays put on the roof. DaVinci products passed this test ASTM D 3161 at 110 mph.

The resistance to wind and fire shown by DaVinci luxury roofing is a powerful combination as far as protection is concerned. Have you had your roof roofed with DaVinci wood shake alternatives? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.


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