DaVinci Recycling Program Contributes to Green Environmental Efforts

Protecting our environment is something that everyone can get involved with through small lifestyle changes and a little thoughtful planning. Our sustainable roofing products are designed to contribute to the going green revolution in each step of the design and manufacturing process.

environmentally friendly roof tilesAll DaVinci lightweight roofing tiles are manufactured using virgin resins so sustainability is possible right from the start. After careful inspection, any tiles not meeting our stringent quality specifications are recycled into starter tiles. The advantage of using our green roofing materials is that all DaVinci tiles are 100 percent recyclable.  

Additionally, once your roofing project is complete, you may return any cuttings or scraps to our plant so they can be recycled. Considering our environmentally friendly roof tiles have a 50 year life expectancy, recycling them means a lot to keeping our tiles from ending up filling landfills with waste.

So how exactly does the recycling program work? Just collect all debris and nail free cuttings and scraps and return them to us. If you are within 500 miles of Kansas City, Kansas, returns are free. Other locations need to schedule freight for shipping back to us for recycling. For tiles that have expired or met their 50 year life expectancy, they can also be returned for recycling as well.

When you cover your rooftops with our tile, you can rest assured that you are contributing to sustainable design and energy savings efforts that will help affect global environmental change for the better.

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