DaVinci Recycling Program - We Care

When we hear “Natural” we think “Environment Friendly” but this is not always the case. Is your house crowned with natural wood or cedar shingles? Here’s what these non polymer roofing products do to the environment:

DaVinci Shakea.    Derived from trees, the shingles that adorn your roof came by when a tree was cut down somewhere.
b.    A life span of 10-15 years or less, cedar shingles and shakes can clog landfills, not to mention the extra expenditure you incur in repairing or replacing such roofing products.
c.    They break during installation and on impact from hail or other similar materials, leading to undue wastage.

In contrast, we, at DaVinci, ensure that every luxury roofing product that walks out of our warehouse to crown the roof of establishments leaves behind as small of a carbon footprint as possible. With that view in mind, we’ve started a recycling program:

a.    Once your DaVinci roof is installed, you can send the scraps and cuttings over to our plant for recycling.
b.    All of our tiles are 100 percent recyclable, so once their 50 year warranty is over, you can send those shingles back to our plant for recycling.

All recyclable roofing products need to be sent to our Kansas Facility. This may seem a small measure, but tile-by-tile, you can build a roof. So also these small measures may tomorrow make a big difference.

To enquire about our recycling program get in touch with our customer service department. Have you participated in this program by sending your scrap fake slate or DaVinci shake tiles from your installation site over? Share your experience with us by commenting below.

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