DaVinci EcoBlend Colors are ENERGY STAR® Qualified!

DaVinci Roof Tiles and Energy StarENERGY STAR® is a government program meant to qualify and recognize energy efficient products and practices. If a product earns an ENERGY STAR rating, the product is designed to help you save on energy costs.

At DaVinci, our EcoBlend colored tiles have earned the designation as an ENERGY STAR qualified product. While a lot of attention has been focused on reducing heating costs through insulation and other means, the amount of energy needed to keep homes and businesses cool during the hot summer months can be huge.

Our EcoBlend polymer roof tiles can help lower those cooling costs by using colors designed to reflect light and heat away from a home or business. In addition to helping to reduce energy bills, they also help to reduce pollution caused by energy production.

Cool Roof CouncilA roofing tile can't just earn an ENERGY STAR rating by reflecting a bit of light and heat away from a home. It has to meet or exceed stringent requirements established by the ENERGY STAR body. Needless to say, we are very excited that our EcoBlend tiles qualified for that ENERGY STAR rating based on tests carried out by the Cool Roof Rating Council.

Use beautiful EcoBlend polymer roof tiles to reduce overhead costs for your business and cooling bills for the home.

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