DaVinci Roofing Products

Bellaforte SlatePicking the right DaVinci product can sometimes be a hard choice to make. Our products have high fire and wind ratings, they are lightweight yet extremely durable, come in a huge palette of gorgeous color combinations, and are all made with the same type of polymer resin. However, there are also differences and focusing on them should lead to the right polymer roof tiles for every home and business.

Folks who like the look of slate will love our polymer version of this classic, stone roof material. It comes in both multi-width tiles and single width Valoré tiles that help to reduce installation costs. People who would rather go with traditional wooden shake - minus the fire hazards and maintenance costs - just might adore our shake made from engineered polymer materials. Like our slate, it's available in both multi-width and single-width versions and can have the appearance of clean, machine-sawed shake or more rustic, hand-split tiles. 

Lightweight Roofing SolutionsPeople who would love a roof with beautiful slate or shake that has a small carbon footprint might prefer our Bellaforté tiles. Although our other shake and slate tiles have their own green benefits, the lighter weight of Bellaforté tiles makes them one of the greenest tiles on the block.

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