DaVinci Roofing: Shakes, Shingles and Slates

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we may not have hundreds of different types of tiles but the main products that we do offer are designed to add beauty to any and every type of structure. Not to mention, the endless variety of color combinations makes each of our products that much more versatile. But, without further ado, here is a quick rundown on our main roofing products:

  • Lightweight Roofing SystemsDaVinci Slate: It's not made of stone, but it sure looks like it and weighs a lot less. It also costs less than slate, comes in more colors, and is just as durable. 


  • DaVinci Shake: It's engineered to resemble the real thing but doesn't trade rustic beauty for a low fire rating and high maintenance. Lightweight and gorgeous, our shake Lightweight Roofing Solutionscan look like the true hand split variety or machine sawn tiles.


  • Valoré: These are slate or shake tiles that come in one, uniform width to help you save money with lower installation costs. 

Lightweight Roofing Solutions


  • Bellaforté: Beautiful tiles that can look like shake or slate, they are designed to use less materials without sacrificing strength, durability, and the high wind and fire ratings that come with all of our products. This reduces their carbon footprint while their design makes for quick and easy installation.


Do you have a home or business that uses our products? Please send us your photos to share on this blog!

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