DaVinci Roofs Are Fire Resistant

ASTM and UL, which tests a number of materials including roofing material for their fire, impact and wind resistance, sets the standards for the roofing industry.

DaVinci roofing products have received a Class A fire resistance rating, the highest possible.

This high rating indicates that unlike some natural roofing material, DaVinci fake slate and shake will not fall prey to ravaging wildfires or accidental sparks. The embedded fire retardants within the shingles help our products resist fire and ensure the safety of your house and its possessions.

Having to witness the house that signified your efforts through the years standing in a heap of ashes is not a nice feeling at all. DaVinci roofing is a big investment towards ensuring the safety of what you consider yours.
A random spark or burning debris from a neighboring fire ravaged house can cause undue damage to your house, which is exactly how wildfires and chain fires spread. Help put an end to the chain by installing DaVinci. There are many home and commercial establishment owners who have opted for our polymer roofing products because they reside in wildfire prone areas.

Here’s a video which explains the fire resistant property of DaVinci products:

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with our customer service department.  Do you reside in a wildfire prone area or have you witnessed a fire in which your DaVinci luxury roof could withstand the onslaught? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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