DaVinci Roofs Top Several Structures

DaVinci BellaforteYou can find our roofs on top of a variety of structures in a number of locations. Although the realistic look of our composite roofing makes it difficult to tell from real stone slate or cedar shake, DaVinci roofs can often be recognized by their beautiful colors and quality appearance. For example, people who reside in the Jupiter Ocean Grande condo community in Jupiter, Florida sleep under the class and beauty of a Bellaforté roof that shows a gorgeous, sea-green custom color. They needed a roof that matched the original color of the metal roof that had begun to rust and fade just five years after installation. Now the condo is topped with the same color as the original roof but with polymer Bellaforté tiles that will stand up to the salt-laden air, wind, and rain of the Florida coast.


Green Roofing OptionsAnother community that enjoys the benefits of DaVinci tiles is Valley Cay near Boone, NC. Because of the proximity to the woods and the harsh North Carolina climate, the Valley Cay Homeowners Association now recommends that all roofs be replaced with DaVinci Shake in Tahoe Blend. Stacy Stines of Stacy Stines Roofing has done quite a few of these installations and states that over half of the roofs he currently installs are polymer slate or shake products. He shares that most homeowners "love the fact that in their lifetime that they will probably never have to roof again. Once they see it on the roof, they fall in love with it."  


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