DaVinci Roofscapes and Fire? Not A Chance!

Fake Cedar ShakeNature has a mind of its own and it is a powerful force to reckon with. The only way you can survive the furies it unleashes upon you is by being prepared for them. Wildfires, for example, are freak incidents, even if you were living in an area prone to wildfires, to say that you were expecting a fire when one strikes, is either an exaggeration or you possess an uncanny sense of future prediction.

In instances such as these, one of the prime factors leading to the rampant spread of fire is the roofing most houses possess. Shakes and slates made from natural material are little more than wooden sticks waiting to be ignited. So, what happens is, house after house catches fire and before you know, it turns into a full blown wildfire, with tremendous loss of life and property.

None of these need to be endured if you were to only opt for DaVinci green roof systems. Reviews aplenty from those who've used our products are available at your disposal if you wish to receive backing for your decision to go for polymer roofing from DaVinci.

Since we were talking of wildfires, what is it that makes DaVinci products stand out with respect to fire? All our products have been tested for resistance to fire and been awarded the highest class possible, indicating to fire resistance of the highest degree - Class A.

Our synthetic shake shingles or even our slate shingles can offer fire protection better than any other roofing product available on the market. It is up to you to decide whether fire is a welcome guest in your house or not.

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