DaVinci Roofscapes’ Bellaforté Withstand High Winds

Have you ever given time to the fact that the only thing separating everything in your house from external (often destructive) elements is the roof that covers it? In the case of a hailstorm or a tornado, the first thing to go is a roof and the rest of the damage just follows.

In the video below, the first part shows the typical response of roofing tiles to high velocity winds. They get blown clean off the roof, thus exposing the interior of your house to the mercy of the winds. The second part of the video tests the response of DaVinci Roofscapes’ Bellaforté slate shingles to the same velocity of wind – and the shingles stand firm.

The reason why our Bellaforté synthetic slate lightweight roofing tiles stay put in the face of winds of high velocity is that they are installed in a manner that allows individual shingles to hold each other in place. Also, the shingles are installed such that they stay fixed in their location and do not give way.

Our products have been tested and proven to have the capacity to withstand winds of high velocities according to ASTM standards, as well as, Miami Dade. To get a better feel of the kind of protection you can expect when you install our slate roof tiles, watch the video.

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