DaVinci Roofscapes Cost

Taking time to consider the cost of roofing is a necessary prerequisite for any building project. In our product line, we have worked hard to create a sustainable roofing system that is more cost effective than traditional cedar or slate roofing products.

Bellaforte TileOur Bellaforté tile, for example, is a self-align roof that only needs 100 tiles to fill a square. This helps to reduce the cost since fewer tiles are needed for roofing projects. They also lend to an environmentally friendly product since less waste is created during installation, and because the unique design of our tiles also reflects sunlight and heat away from the structure of the house, it may also contribute to lower overall energy costs.

Saving on cooling and heating costs helps offset the cost of installing a new roof while also creating higher energy efficiency and protection from the effects of hail and wind damage that can result in costly repairs. As an eco-friendly roof tile, our product helps promote environmental awareness and saves on installation and maintenance costs over the life of the roof.

Synthetic slate cost depends on the actual size of the project and the number of tiles that will be used in your project. You will also need to factor in the cost of additional construction materials and labor for installation. We can help you locate roofing contractors who are highly experienced and trained in installing our lightweight roofing systems, and you can always speak with our friendly support staff for additional information about how to fit DaVinci Roofscapes tile into your project.

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