DaVinci Roofscapes - Protects Your Roof For The Next Half Century

DaVinci Slate ProductsDaVinci Roofscapes synthetic roofing tiles are made from 100% virgin resin in order to assure consistency.

Every DaVinci manufactured slate tile is 100% recyclable. DaVinci Slate is known for its natural appearance, incredible durability and ease of installation. With beautiful varieties to choose from, DaVinci composite slate shingles are the perfect accent to enhance your home's appearance.
DaVinci Shake ProductsWe also produce DaVinci Shake Shingles, a line of polymer-composite synthetic shake tiles that offer all of the natural, rustic beauty of real cedar shingles - but without any of the natural drawbacks of real wood.
Our products are considered green roofs sustainable because they protect your roof longer and stronger than any other type of roofing material and are 100% recyclable.

Our products, such as our shake shingles and slate shingles, can stand up to a number of weather conditions, be it a hail, hurricanes or even fire (they are Class A fire rated). Our products also have a water-resistant feature because they stop water absorption and eliminate freeze-thaw - allowing for a hassle-free installation in all weather conditions.
DaVinci shake and slate tiles are customizable in order to blend in with your preferred design.

To learn more about DaVinci Roofscapes and our various products such as our slate and shake shingles, please get in touch with our product specialists. Or be in touch with our customer service department and they'll assist your inquiries from there.

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