DaVinci Shake

Are you worried that installing DaVinci Shake on your roof will take away from the natural feel of your property? Though synthetic, DaVinci Plastic Roofing Materials have a highly natural feel to them. No one will guess that the highly durable shakes adorning your roof are anything less than beatific old-tree wood shakes.

Our Synthetic Cedar Shake bears the consistency of natural cedar shake with the grainy surface that we normally associate with cedar. DaVinci Shake is almost doubly thick as compared to other synthetic shakes, thus lending much higher durability to your roof. Cedar comes in various hues and shades and we, at DaVinci, offer our synthetic hand-split shake in Synthetic Cedar Shakenumerous hues reminiscent of the variations observed in Cedar.

All our products are made from 100% pure virgin resin and are incomparably durable. We offer a 50 year warranty, thus ensuring your peace of mind. Not only is your satisfaction guaranteed, so also are your savings. No repeat repairs or installations. Additionally, many insurance companies offer premium discounts to roof owners with DaVinci roofing, because of the officially recognized durability of our products.

If our Hand-split shake interests you and you wish to buy it in any of the numerous hues we offer, you can get in touch with us via our customer service department.

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