DaVinci Shake - An Excellent Alternative to Cedar Shake

Are you looking for a great cedar shake roof?  DaVinci Shake offers an excellent alternative to a natural shake shingle roof, making it one of the more appropriate green roofing materials to choose from.
DaVinci Shake Roof
DaVinci Shake
 (pictured left) out performs natural shake in the following categories: beauty, labor, and performance.

DaVinci Shake has all the beauty of a shake tile roof, but without a lot of the hassle and problems.

Most natural shakes are 1/2" in thickness and DaVinci Shake is 5/8" thick.  It comes in 5 multiple widths, and certainly Mother Nature creates her own multiple widths with natural shake.

The labor on a DaVinci Shake roof results in less waste and also is easier for the contractor to install.  Natural shakes that are too narrow or that break during installation have to be discarded.  Not to mention, of course, the splinters that roofers can get from dealing with natural shake shingles.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of DaVinci Shake to that of natural shake is in its performance level.  It comes with a Class A fire rating with specialty underlayments, whereas natural shake does not.  DaVinci Shake has a wind rating of 110 mph; again, natural shake does not.  It comes with UL 2218, a Class 4 Impact Resistance (the highest you can have!).  Natural shake can come with this impact resistance, however due to natural weathering of the natural shake material performance may deteriorate due to the sun and wind drying out natural shake and making it more brittle. 

DaVinci Shake is freeze and thaw resistant whereas natural shake sees a rapid deterioration with these natural occurences.  DaVinci Shake is maintenance free, whereas natural shake usually requires replacement of individual tiles throughout it's lifetime. 

Lastly, DaVinci Shake is colorfast.  A natural shake roof will fade quickly to gray within one year of installation. 

Please visit our comparison chart to see how DaVinci Shake compares to natural shake as well as other synthetic shake shingle roofs.

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