DaVinci Shake as Siding at Gable End

Shake as SidingWhen shake looks great on a roof, why not use it as siding? That's what people have been saying in a bunch of places, but especially in Minnesota where using shake on the sides of homes has lately been increasing in popularity.

Since several homes from colonial times used cedar siding, this concept isn't exactly a new one but you could say that it's been out of style for a long time. Although it's a relief to see some trends disappear and never come back (think 50s era beehive haircuts), it's great to see this one again.

As it turns out, our fake cedar shake looks beautiful on the sides of structures that also have it installed on the roof. Although it would look great on any of a home's walls, it seems to work best on gable ends. When DaVinci Shake is used as siding at gable end, it accentuates the structure with a rustic, striking touch. Many DaVinci homeowners say that when they use our shake on gable ends, they can't tell that it's imitation shake even though they know for a fact that it is!

Whether you have a roof, gable end, or both that uses our shake, please send in your photos. We would love to see and share them on our blog!

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