DaVinci Shake is the Best Fake Cedar Shake on the Market

DaVinci ShakeDaVinci Shake is undoubtedly the best fake cedar shake on the market.  What makes DaVinci Shake the best synthetic cedar shake?


DaVinci Shake has the texture and feel of natural cedar shake.  It has the hand-split, deep-grained surface of the premium shake counterparts.

DaVinci Shake is just as thick as premium shakes and therefore casts the deep shadow lines that you get with a natural cedar shake roof.

We have created a full spectrum of color schemes for DaVinci Shake.  These blends mimic the natural variations of rough-hewn cedar.  In fact, to achieve the perfection of color, we matched our colors with that of its weathered counterparts.


We use 100% virgin resins to ensure sustainability of our products.  By using 100% virgin resins, we are able to eliminate things like curling and cracking of our tiles.

DaVinci Shake is a 50 year roof and we back it up with a 50-year Limited Warranty.


Man-made plastic is impervious to many things including, insects, termites, rot, mold, mildew and freeze-thaw damage.

Ease of Installation

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of DaVinci Shake being "fake cedar" is that there is no worry about splinters or other injuries roofers can endure with the "real thing."  Likewise, there is a little to no waste with a DaVinci Shake roof because there is no variation in the quality of each piece. 

Although DaVinci Shake is a fake cedar shake, it most certainly is real in its beauty, performance, maintenance and ease of installation.  Because no trees are cut down in making DaVinci Shake tiles it is also an environmentally friendly roof.

Please contact our sales department or check out our website to learn more about our "fake" roofing products.

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