DaVinci Single-Width Slate Valoré - The Art And Science Of Roofing Comes To Your Home!

DaVinci's Valoré synthetic slate roofing tiles come in a full spectrum of authentic slate colors. Each Valoré Slate blend is formulated from different slate tones thus creating a natural look in color at the same time enhancing the realistic appearance of your roof.

DaVinci Slate ValoréLike our other roofing products, our Valoré applies VariBlend™ technology in every slate tile to form varying shades from tile to tile which creates an infinite number of color shades - much like you'd find with natural slate tile roofing. Valoré synthetic tiles are also available in EcoBlend™ cool roof colors, which help in reducing your heating and cooling costs and meet LEED-NC and initial ENERGY STAR® requirements for stronger performance.

Other features of the DaVinci Slate Valoré are as follows:
  • Single-width synthetic slate roofing tiles are carefully crafted using only 100% pure virgin resins to guarantee a sustainable product
  • Available in a 12" tile width
  • At a 1/2" tile thickness Valoré Slate tiles are twice the thickness of most other synthetic slates
  • Valoré synthetic roofing tiles have the look of natural slate, because Valoré Slate tiles are modeled after natural slate
  • A consistent single width provides the beauty of a clean, simple design
  • We offer a variety of blends, or you can use our virtually limitless color palette to create a unique color for your project
  • 100% Recyclable                                           
DaVinci Slate Valoré - Black DaVinci Slate Valoré - Gray DaVinci Slate Valoré - Verde DaVinci Slate Valoré - Villa
Another bonus of DaVinci's Valoré synthetic roofing tiles is that we combine the art and science of roofing in order to offer our customers exceptional aesthetics and tremendous performance without destroying your budget. And at the same time, Valoré synthetic tiles resemble the classic traditional slate tile found on upscale residences throughout the world, but yet they require none of the maintenance.

Valoré Slate roof tiles make installation easier than other usual roofing tiles in the market. Plus, by using our Valoré Slate you'll cut down your installation costs.
Remember, of course, that all DaVinci products are safe and are backed up by our 50 Year warranty giving you a 50 Year roof.

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