DaVinci Slate and Continuous Ridge Vent

DaVinci Slate Continuous Ridge Vent with 6-inch Ridge ShinglesIf you are interested in installing ridge vent on your roof, then you may be interested in how DaVinci Slate alternative can be used in order to work with the ridge vent.

If you want to have a continuous ridge vent, we recommend a rigid shingle roll-over type. 

If installing a continuous ridge vent, then you will need to order our 6-inch Ridge Shingles to place on either side of the continuous ridge vent.  You also want to be sure that joints in the ridge vent are water tight. 

Once the continuous ridge vent is in place, then you want to install the ridge in accordance with our standard hip and ridge installation instructions, as found on page 5 of our DaVinci Slate Installation Guide.

As a side note, special caution should be used when cutting the decking on the ridge to assure adequate nailing for the ridge pieces.

If you have any additional questions or inquiries when it comes to hip and ridge and DaVinci green roof systems, please do not hesitate to consult our installation guides or you may also want to check out the technical portion of our website where we have additional photographs of DaVinci green roofing options being installed in slightly different ways depending on the challenges of the roof in question.

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