DaVinci Slate Installation – A Piece of Cake

There are a lot of pluses to DaVinci products: the long life, the natural look, the enhanced functionality as compared to natural roofing, the higher resistance to wind, impact and fire, the monetary benefits, the environmental friendly factor and so on. You might instinctively begin to look for loopholes in the whole scheme…nothing can be this perfect, and yet it is. In fact, even the installation of DaVinci polymer roofing products is considerably simpler than natural roofing.

If you are opting for DaVinci imitation slate shingles to line your roof and are feeling a little out of sorts and even if you are not, it wouldn't hurt to have a look at something which shows you how it is done. Our products are often accompanied by installation manuals, which make an already easy task easier. Your installer can talk you through the installation process as well.

There are a few basic requirements which need to be fulfilled, after which it's a cakewalk, wherein your roofer installs the already sorted tiles onto your roof. If you’d like to get a feel of the installation process, you can check out this video which outlines how our natural slate roof alternatives can be installed on your roof.

A hammer here and a nail in there and your plastic slate imitation roof is ready! Have any misgivings you'd like us to address? Contact our customer service department. Share your DaVinci installation experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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