DaVinci Slate Valley Options

DaVinci Slate Open ValleyWhen it comes to dealing with valleys with DaVinci green roof systems, there are two options:
  • Open (photo example to the right)
  • Closed (photo example below)
Because all DaVinci shingles have a engineered ribbing structure on the underside of the shingle, it's important that as a roofer you take special care when installing DaVinci Slate roof alternatives in the valleys as not to expose the ribbing structure - so that aesthetically the roof maintains the beauty it demands.

DaVinci Slate Closed ValleyNo matter if you decide to go with an open valley or a closed valley, valley metal should be used and should be made of 24" stock of copper, aluminum, or a minimum of 28-gauge clad steel.  Also, be sure to include ice and water shield as an underlayment in all valleys - it is a requirement we have for our 50 year roof warranty. 

Also, it's important to note that if you are installing DaVinci Slate alternative in a color blend, you want to be sure to use different colors and different widths of shingles for the first shingles in the valleys for valley cuts.
Please feel free to consult our DaVinci Slate installation guide, should you have any questions about how to install valleys or how to deal with other roof projections.

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