DaVinci's Bellaforté Roof Tiles Revolutionizing Roofing

Have you heard of DaVinci's Bellaforté?  It is much more than an imitation slate shingle; it is an incredible roofing system.

Although they are a fake slate imitation, there is nothing fake about Bellaforté.  As the name suggests, these tiles are not only beautiful, but they are also strong.

Bellaforté have the quality, value and 50 year roof that you have come to expect with our other roofing tiles.

Bellaforté is a patented design developed by DaVinci.  The leading edge of the tile has a tab that secures every tile to the next, hence drastically improving wind performance and also reducing the amount of material needed to cover the roof.

A rain gutter naturally occurs when you snap-fit the tiles together.  Since the tiles have a self-aligning feature, installation time is reduced when you go with the Bellaforté shingle.

We offer our Bellaforté tiles in the following colors: Verde, Villa, Slate Gray and Slate Black.  The Verde and Villa feature our VariBlend technology, a natural look with varying shades.  Verde, as the name suggests, is varying shades of green, whereas Villa is varying shades of gray to further imitate that natural slate look.

If you would like to see a Bellaforté tile in person or hear more about it, please don't hesitate to contact our sales department for more information.  We also have PDF brochure on the product that you can access from our website.

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