DaVinci's Sustainable Roofing Quotient

The need for sustainability in today’s world cannot be overemphasized. With the current decline in natural resources and consequent changes in the earth’s atmosphere, it is important that each one of us try and incorporate sustainability in our everyday lives. When Eco Friendly Roofyou choose DaVinci, you choose sustainability.

Check out why our Environmentally Friendly Roof products are eco-friendly:

1. Unlike natural roofing products, which not only involve cutting down of trees (though that is reason enough to try to avoid them), but need to be replaced often, DaVinci polymer roofing products come with a 50-year warranty. The long life span exhibited by our luxury roofing products ensures that your roof does not add on to the waste clogging landfills.

2. All our sustainable roofing shingles are 100% recyclable. Once your installation is over, you can choose to ship the shingle cuttings back to our Kansas City facility.

3. Because we manufacture and sell our products ourselves at our Kansas City plant, there is no extra fuel wastage involved in transportation.

4. Our EcoBlend cool colors have high reflectivity and thus help keep the structure cool. This ensures that the electricity used for cooling the establishment can be reduced, thus saving energy and cooling costs.

5. Being sturdier than natural roofing, DaVinci cedar shingle alternatives have very few breakages on-site during installation and transportation. This reduces the waste produced.

Do you wish to bring the DaVinci sustainable element to your house? Get in touch with us. If you've already installed DaVinci, why not share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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