DaVinci’s Valoré

composite slate roofValoré, in Italian, means value. And with DaVinci, that is exactly what you get; value for your money. Our Valoré line of polymer roofing shingles is a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. This ensures that when you get Valoré composite slate or Valore shake alternative up on your roof, you not only ensure that your house and its inhabitants enjoy maximum roofing protection, you also ensure that the décor of your house does not suffer from the installation of these cedar shingle alternatives. If anything, DaVinci Valoré shingles serve to improve the overall look of your house.

Available as single width shingles, they look genuine enough to be mistaken for natural shingles. In fact, our Valoré cedar shingle alternatives are made in such a manner as to mimic the variations observed in naturally shingled roofs.

Our Valoré shingles, similar to all other DaVinci products, are highly resistant to fire, wind and impact. Unlike other roofing products, DaVinci Valoré polymer roofing resist color loss and fading due to the presence of UV stabilizers, which ensure color retention.

With natural roofing products, you need to face maintenance issues such as cracking, mold growth, fungus, water absorption and so on and so forth. Not so with DaVinci Valoré.

DaVinci Valoré comes with a 50-year warranty. If you are interested in our Valoré line of products, do get in touch with us. Do you have any questions? Ask away. If you’ve already installed Valoré products, why not share your experience with our readers.

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