Did You Know That You Can Double Stagger?

Slate, Aberdeen BlendOne of the neat things about having shingles on your roof as opposed to sheets of asphalt, for example, is that you can get a staggered look by alternating the placement of the shingles. 

With DaVinci green roof systems, we recommend a straight or staggered pattern. The straight pattern is usually less expensive because there is less material involved, however, the staggered pattern doesn't cost all that much more and for the look, it is definitely worth it. 

As a side note, though, depending on the style of building or the style of home that you are roofing a staggered pattern might not be a match for the architectural design of the building. For example, Georgian style homes call for a straight pattern.

A few years back, a roofer in Colorado decided to do a double stagger with our DaVinci slate alternative. In other words, instead of doing the staggered coursing in which the exposure of our imitation slate tiles varies by a maximum of 1" on adjacent shingles, they did 1" and a 1/2" stagger - an example of this double stagger is done in the photo above.

If you would like to find out more about how you can do a double stagger with your DaVinci shingles, be sure to get in touch with a member of our technical service department, so they can walk your roofer through the necessary steps to assure that it is done correctly.

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