Difference Between a Class A vs. Class C Fire Rating

Designer RoofThe shingles and shakes adorning your residential or commercial luxury roof are of a certain quality based on their resistance to several natural and man-made elements such as wind and fire. American Society for Testing and Materials and Underwriters Laboratories are two organizations involved in testing and setting safety standards for products, systems and materials. The tests that they establish analyze the strength and enduring power of roofing material and accordingly grade them, when it comes to fire, Class A is the best rating attainable.

For rating the fire resistance a roofing material possesses, the material is ignited and the amount and intensity of the burning is observed.

Many insurance companies offer discounts to commercial and residential buildings which incorporate Class A roofing material.

We, at DaVinci, go to great lengths to ensure our 50 year roof products are of the best quality, all of which carry the Class A rating.  If you want a designer roof that not only exhibits aesthetic quality, but also superior safety standards, feel free to contact a DaVinci product specialist.

Does your roofing material pass the test?

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