Does Your House Have a Turret?

DaVinci TurretDoes your home have a turret and you're wondering how in the world a roofer goes about putting shingles or a slate tile roof on it? 

Well, the case is, unless the roofer is an experienced roofer who has done a number of turrets, he may not know how to put shingles on a turret so that it turns out looking even and in line with the other shingles on the house.

This might seem silly and a no brainer, but believe it or not, shingling a turret can end up being one of the more complicated roofing angles to master.

DaVinci's plastic slate roof is one of the great slate roof alternatives that makes shingling a turret straightforward, not only because of the ease of working with DaVinci tiles, but also because we offer a turret package, should you need it.

With our custom shingle package, we can custom cut and bundle the shingles for your turret, leaving the shingling of the turret as a no brainer.  Since our synthetic slate shingles already come in multi-widths it makes fitting shingles on a turret very unproblematic.

Simply send us the turret's base diameter, rafter length and pitch with your roofing order and we will pre-cut the shingles and package them according to the course they are to be laid in.

Because of the labor and time involved, we do charge a nominal fee for this.  Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information at 1-800-328-4624 or 913-599-0766 or online.

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