Doing Our Part With Green Roofing Options

Synthetic Slate CostIn this day and age it is hip to be green, and wherever you can go a little greener in your lifestyle, all the better for planet earth.  Every little bit counts.  When you are choosing a company for roofing, you want to consider companies that make green roofing options accessible.  Not only do you want green roofing materials, but you want a company that cares from beginning to end.  Here’s how we're being GREEN at DaVinci.

We are saving on energy costs and use from the minute we open our doors.  All of our products are developed in our Kansas City facility to save on energy and transportation costs and fuel consumption.  These savings of course are passed right back to you.  Not only do we have an extensive recycling program with all scrap materials, but all of our products are 100% completely recyclable.  We do this by ensuring that all of materials for tile roofs are used with 100% pure virgin resin which guarantees you a completely sustainable product.

The materials used in tile construction are where you see the biggest cost in energy use, or savings depending on the materials.  Slate roofs consume intense amount of fuel and labor, and there is significant waste involved during installation. This is waste that cannot be reused.  Asphalt shingles present another problem from a sustainability perspective as they use much more oil in their production process.  The bottom line? Every roof that uses DaVinci tiles is saving trees and energy.

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