Don't Forget Snowguards!

Planning to protect your home and business with DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing materials? If you Lightweight Roofing Systemslive in a place that gets snowfall, don't forget to include snowguards as part of the installation. Snowguards are one of those roof accessories that get overlooked far too often, especially in areas with very little snowfall despite the potential danger to homeowners, visitors, and customers.

Although most snow slips off the roof while everyone is safely inside, there is always the chance that huge pieces of ice and heavy loads of snow might rush off the roof just as you or a loved one is directly underneath. Since people have actually been injured by snow avalanches off of a roof, every home and business owner should consider installing snowguards as a preventative measure (the roof pictured is an example of a roof that needs snowguards and could experience an avalanche off the side, potentially ripping the gutters off of the house). Your contractor will know how to install them on your DaVinci roof without disrupting any of the polymer roof tiles or the beautiful color blends they create. But what if you already have a DaVinci roof installed, is it too late to get snowguards? Not at all, they can be retrofitted onto your existing roof. Be sure to read our blog on retrofitting snowguards for more information.

Do you have a DaVinci roof with snowguards? Please share your photos for the blog!

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