Douse the Flames

Nine major fires were reported on the 3rd of August in six different states, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. These wildfires rendered several people homeless and Wood Shake Roofburned down 25,208 acres of land.

What is sad about these incidents is that they were completely avoidable. Natural roofs crowning most houses are little more than combustible wood and they help the fire along, leading to extensive damage. Synthetic Roofing Material however, have high fire resistance and can help prevent the wide scale damage wildfires are infamous for.

DaVinci Plastic Roofing Materials have achieved a Class A fire resistance rating, indicating their extremely high tolerance to fire. Besides, fire tolerance, a DaVinci luxury roof also show resistance to high velocity winds. This is particularly important during wildfires, which are accompanied by strong dry winds, which helps promote flame spreading.

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District released a report recently, which states that houses with roofs made of natural shakes and shingles are up to 21 times more prone to destruction by wildfire than those that have fire resistant roofing. So in other words, by installing DaVinci's fire resistant roofing you increase the safety quotient of your home or commercial establishment by several degrees.

We, at DaVinci value quality and ensure that each product we manufacture is in keeping with UL standards for high fire, wind and impact resistance. Not only are our products resistant, durable and appealing, they are accompanied by a 50 year warranty, beyond which they can still be recycled.

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