Durability and Longevity in DaVinci Lightweight Roofing Systems

I often say that I want a brick house because it's the one that the Big Bad Wolf in the story of the Three Little Pigs could never huff and puff and blow down.  So, for me, when it comes to a building, I'm looking for the ultimate protection.  When it comes to my roof, I expect the same.  That's why I love not only the durability, but also the longevity of our lightweight roofing systems.

Synthetic Slate CostJust talk to Tim Gentry, who has been with our company since day one. He can tell you about some of the rigorous tests our tiles have endured from outside testing agencies to ensure they comply with building codes and industry standards and certifications.

Here are some of the reasons why DaVinci lightweight roofing solutions are durable and long lasting:

  • Impact resistance (Class 4)
  • Fire retardance (class A)
  • ICC-ES certification, which is the United States' leader in evaluating building products for compliance to code
  • Superior wind resistance

To top it all off, all DaVinci products are backed by our 50-Year Warranty.  So when it comes to choosing a roof to keep the Big Bad Wolf out, I'd have to choose a DaVinci roof (and I did!).

Do you have a DaVinci roof?  Has it stood up to the extremes that weather can bring?  What were some of your reasons for wanting to buy DaVinci?  Please share your story with us.

Do you have questions about our products that we can answer?  Please contact us through e-mail or by phone toll free 1-800-DaVinci (800-328-4624).

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