Durable and Low Maintanence Bellaforté Shake

Bellaforta Shake ShingleRoofing materials need to be capable of protecting a home or business - but that's not the only factor that comes into play when selecting a product for a new roof. You have to think in terms of decades rather than years because that's how long a roof should last. A house should last longer than its owners and, although maintenance is a basic part of owning a home, the roof shouldn't need fixing every few years. If that's the case, the materials used either aren't doing their job at protecting your home or weren't properly installed in the first place.

It is possible to have a roof that requires little or no maintenance for several decades but you have to use the right types of materials. Natural slate is pretty tough but it requires more maintenance than you think. Natural shake is beautiful and can be quite durable but a shake roof requires regular replacement of individual shingles, and loses its resistance to wind and impact over time (not to mention being less fire resistant than polymer products). Our polymer shake tiles on the other hand, have durable high impact and wind ratings, a class A fire rating, and require much less maintenance than their natural stone and wooden counterparts. We also make them look just like the real thing. To see the realistic beauty of one of our products, check out the gallery at the new Bellaforté site!

To learn more about how Bellaforté shake can protect and beautify any home or business, contact DaVinci Roofscapes by email or calling 1-800-328-4624 today.

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