Easy, Quick Installation of Manufactured Slate Tile on Turrets?

Anyone can appreciate the beauty of a tiled turret but roofers who have taken up the challenge of working on one of those cone-shaped projections have a special appreciation for the job. Unlike the easy-going Lightweight Roofing Solutionsway in which tile can be installed on other, flatter parts of a roof, turrets require massive amounts of time and ingenuity. The tapered aspect of the turret translates into manual labor done to shape each and every tile and can therefore be akin to a tricky, never-ending art project .

Nevertheless, roofers who don't want to spend huge amounts of their time in shaping and installing tiles on a turret no longer need to go that route. All they need to do is take four distinct measurements of the turret in question and send that information to DaVinci Roofscapes, along with a request for a turret package. The materials will arrive organized and with labeled starter tiles, numbered field bundles that are custom cut for each course. You won't find an easier means to make that turret look beautiful.

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To get started on tiling those turrets, email or call 1-800-DAVINCI DaVinci Roofscapes  today.


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