EcoBlend Tiles & Cool Roof

Cool roofIf you have spent any time on our website or blog, you have probably seen the words “cool roof” from time to time. The cool roof isn’t some awesome looking rooftop wonder ready for sunny surf and sun, although we do think it’s pretty great to look at and find that most of our customers agree.

A cool roof is actually a designation from the Cool Roof Rating Council for our DaVinci EcoBlend tiles. What these polymer roof tiles do is help reflect heat and light from the sun away from your home or office to help reduce the amount of energy it requires to keep your building cool. That translates into better energy efficiency and helps your air conditioner do a better job at cooling. An even greater bonus is that there is less pollution released into the air, which in turn reduces heat around populous city areas.

The cooling effect of EcoBlend isn’t actually from the physical material of the sustainable roofing tile itself although it does help. Where the EcoBlend tile gets its coolness is from the color pigments. All you need to make our eco friendly roof more environmentally friendly is to add the EcoBlend Castle Gray or Weather Gray to your choice of DaVinci roof tiles.

So what is the ultimate result of choosing the EcoBlend feature?  You will see savings on energy costs, a more comfortably cool building and hopefully a little less contribution to global warming. Now that’s a pretty cool roof.

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