Exterior Color Enhances Your Home

Color is an important style choice when designing and decorating your home, and if you are looking to install a new roof or replace an existing one, you are at a great starting point for defining your color palette.

Choosing a new roof color from our selection of lightweight roofing systems is easy with our 49 different polymer tile colors in addition to over 28 different blended color options that add to the color choices when you are determining siding or trim color as well as landscape and exterior accessories for your home.

Our DaVinci wood shake roof alternative comes in subtle shades of brown that will really open up color options for your paint color on stucco, brick or siding. The Bellaforté, which some like to call a rubber slate roof, is actually premium quality polymer slate tiles that comes in color variations that will also add charm and style to your rooftop.

Our website color studio is a place where your imagination can soar. You will find all of our standard colors that can be combined right online to create your own color blend to suit your personal tastes and home or building design. The software program allows you to place color blends in 2 to 5 color combinations on both the slate and shake roofing tiles for both Multi-Width DaVinci tiles and Bellaforté designs.

See our YouTube video below to learn more about how our roofing solution can colorfully enhance your home and then visit our polymer roofing tile site online to create your own colors in our color design studio.

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